Underworld Rumble

Underworld Rumble

Alternative Title: 地府混江龙, 无敌混江龙
Type: Manhua


All Zhang Muji initially wanted was a part time job to buy his dream girl gifts, but he found a massive strange door instead.
Zhang Muji's greed angered the high-ranking officer within the door, as such he was punished to have an additional part time job.
Zhang Muji was extremely reluctant, as he believes there's no point in having a part time that doesn't generate income!
Zhang Muji wittily thought of charging various gods and deities "Gateway Construction Fees" to make his fortune...
"Never underestimate a pro gamer!
I'll stir up a storm even if it's the underworld!"

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2 months ago

Would like 2 see more

2 months ago

Se eu fosse ele acho que iria pedir metudos de cultivation pq eu não como proteger o portão conserteza morreria se alguém fosse com intensões maliciosa

2 months ago

Admin add ( Life Burns for Vengeance ) ( Emperor-in-law ) (Peak Prophecy ) (Peerless Heavenly Emperor) ( Secret Arts Of The Nine Star Tyrant Body ) ( I Picked Up An Attribute
) ( Urban Immortal Doctor Return
) ( To be immortal for 9000 years old ) ( Strongest Cultivation System ) ( Secret Player
) ( No More Money, Please ) please 🫶 Sorry they are many😿

2 months ago

Admin please add Peak Prophecy