The Seal of the Mountains and Seas

The Seal of the Mountains and Seas

Alternative Title: 山桷封η₯ž
Type: Manhua


Ye Chenben is a young lord, because of a conspiracy, parents were killed, twin sisters were imprisoned;
On the occasion of his death, the blood of benevolence awakened the ancient god beast and got the stunt of the god.
Who is to destroy the door of the leaf house? Why is the beast and my present?
And look down the young Yechen, how to change life against the heavens, the mountains and sea-sealed God!

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There is a problem with raw source where they post half chapters, hopefully we will fix the missing parts once the raw sources fixes the problem on their end

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6 months ago

Il y’aura une suite ?

4 months ago

Chapter 46 & 47 does not have anything shown