The Millennium Alchemist

The Millennium Alchemist

Alternative Title: μ²œλ…„λ°©μ‚¬
Type: Manhwa


A child was abandoned in a forest infested with monsters and ghosts. Woon Sowol was adopted by the five masters and learned the best magical techniques. Although the five masters are godly beings, now their inner balance is on the verge of being broken down. Woon Sowol takes revenge on behalf of his masters, and goes to the world to become a god. In the end, will Sowol be able to get out of the forest of beasts?

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9 months ago

Massage of the chapter 44 :
There has been a critical error on this website.

3 months ago

Why couldn’t I see chapters 5 or 6 when I clicked on it? It was blank.

Reply to  limes2022
3 months ago

Also there is no chapter 7