Strongest Cultivation System

Strongest Cultivation System

Alternative Title: ๆœ€ๅผบไฟฎไป™็ณป็ปŸ
Type: Manhua


The young Han Hao, has suddenly learned his innocent girlfriend is the plaything of a wealthy man?
After being the spare tire who's cheated on he instead finds fortune in the setback, chances to catch The Strongest Immortalizing System, henceforth launching his counterattack on life!
The "Perspective Figures" see through all, the "Golden Start Pellet" cures all, and women's clothes can obtain a different, mystical function?
One could say if the System is in my hands, I have the world, just look at the loser boy see how he takes the leading role so elegantly it makes your scalp tingle!

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save the loli
2 months ago

Why its telling indian user to use vpn pls tell

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2 months ago

Reading to Be a Saint Chapter 25-33 missing fix asap

2 months ago

Thank you, admin, I will wait for others