Saving the World, But I’m Just a Zombie!

Saving the World, But I’m Just a Zombie!

Alternative Title: 拯救世界,可我是只丧尸啊!
Type: Manhua


Ling Yan was accidentally involved in the game, but found that he was not a normal player, but was infected and became a zombie, and he couldn't quit voluntarily. He had to complete the main quest before he could end this bloody life.
In the face of the threat of death, Ling Yan will be very careful in every action in this world.
Here, he not only needs to beware of human beings and players who are hostile to him, but also needs to be careful everywhere who will choose to attack him at any time because of excessive hunger. !

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1 month ago

plsss mass realeast plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss @Admin pls mass realeast

28 days ago

Could you fix chapter 10? The one here should be 9 instead of 10.

Reply to  DarkDragon7
24 days ago

@Admin forget about it. It is just only chapter 9 is missing