My Wife Is Actually the Empress?

My Wife Is Actually the Empress?

Alternative Title: 我家娘子竟然是女帝?
Type: Manhua


With my wife's breathtaking beauty, not even the newly enthroned empress can match her!
With my wife's marvelous culinary skills, not even the empress's royal chefs can match her!
My wife loves me and cares about me very very much, and I wouldn't trade her for even the empress!
Wait, what?
My wife is the empress?!

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There is a problem with raw source where they post half chapters, hopefully we will fix the missing parts once the raw sources fixes the problem on their end

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9 months ago

Can you add
My Wife is Actually the Future Tyrant Empress

8 months ago

Where new chapters? It already has 89 chapters on other sites

1 month ago

Ditunggu update selanjutnya

1 month ago

Cerita nya bagus ditunggu update selanjutnya min

1 month ago

Cerita ny bagus kasih retinng⭐⭐⭐😁

8 days ago

Up up up up up up up up up up up up up up