My Apocalyptic Miss

My Apocalyptic Miss

Alternative Title: 我的末世大小姐
Type: Manhua


With the advent of the apocalypse, the clan killer Mu Chang had his life trajectory changed and Miss Bai, whom he vowed to protect, turned into a zombie after an accident…
Being desperate, Mu Chang planned to give up and end his life.
However, the apocalypse system was activated in him in the nick of time.
He not only acquired a brand new right arm but also gained an exceptional superpower.
More surprisingly, he could use the mechanical arm to control and connect with Miss Bai?!

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1 month ago

Please add urban immortal doctor

1 month ago

Thanks Admin for adding this.

1 month ago

Please admin can you also add Peerless Doctor In The City aka Peerless Miracle Doctor’s Adventures in the City.

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1 month ago

Please add Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?!