Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Alternative Title: δΊζˆι¦–ε―Œδ»ŽζΈΈζˆεΌ€ε§‹
Type: Manhua


Finding himself back in time 10 years ago, though technically an almost parallel world in 2009, Pei Qian got a system where he gets money to run his business.
The funds for business and personal use are separated.
After a set period, he can earn his personal funds according to how much his business funds he has left.
The catch? Pei Qian earns more when he makes a loss in his business funds.
Happily thinking how easy it would be, with many failed start-ups proving a point, Pei Qian founded his company Tengda and achieved financial freedom through the losses.
Unfortunately, fate has other plans for him.

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There is a problem with raw source where they post half chapters, hopefully we will fix the missing parts once the raw sources fixes the problem on their end

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Hello admin
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Thanks for adding this series ☺️

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Admin is there a next chapter in Throne of the Dragon King