I Have a New Identity Every Week

I Have a New Identity Every Week

Alternative Title: ζˆ‘ζ―ε‘¨δΈ€δΈͺζ–°θΊ«δ»½
Type: Manhua


Activate the strongest vest system and get a new status every week.
Some people are ordinary students on the surface, but behind the scenes he is the chairman of a multinational group, a peerless genius doctor, a chef who makes the world crazy, the world's top killer, and a superb hypnotist.
In short, he has countless vests.
Su Xun: I really just want to be an ordinary person, why is it so difficult?

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6 months ago

I this a new version of I randomly have a new career every week
I don’t know if it has same author

Iron Clad
Reply to  mikeisyourenemy
20 days ago

No it’s different

6 months ago

Very good, good mc not dumb

3 months ago


1 month ago

Chapter 61 is not working can you fix it please?

1 month ago

Need to 2 be redone again

Do Not Disturb
1 month ago

Rip chapter 61