Global Collapse

Global Collapse

Alternative Title: 全球崩坏
Type: Manhua


Car-chasing accidents, derailed trains, gas explosion and orphanage bankruptcy…
Through all those terrible events, Mathew Gu is still alive.
In order to eliminate Mathew from this beautiful world, the lord in charge keeps bringing him various types of trouble.
However, Mathew never gets knocked down.
“What’s beyond my expectation is that this truly happens to my life”, he says when the game starts.
[Welcome to the global evolution game. It’s developed by the planet and all humans will be its players.]

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2 months ago

It last updated in November 15 2020

2 months ago

ممكن اضافة هذا Reader (Chang Han-Yoon)

2 months ago

ممكن اضافه هذا The Strongest Florist

2 months ago

54 , 55 chapters broken

2 months ago

finally is Hiatus or end