Dragon Squad of the War God

Dragon Squad of the War God

Alternative Title: ιΎ™η»„δΉ‹ζˆ˜η₯žεΌ‚ιͺΈ
Type: Manhua


Quoting ancient books, determining Feng Shui, breaking the stone plate, and the death of the God of War skull, the five dragon groups took over the five strong points but were taken away by the Heavenly Palace.
The mythological halo faded, and the immortal code of the alien survivors confused people.
Going to the Middle East to grab the resolver, the fierce battle champion Hou Mu seized the scepter, but the opponent in the chaotic battle is the love of thousands of years ago...

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2 months ago

Axed. The ending is super absurd

20 days ago

Add, If I Knock Down With a Staff, You Might Die