Fact #32. Jin Yong, also called the "Tolkien of Chinese literature," is the creator of works like The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Book and the Sword.

Decryption Game
Decryption Game Manhua
Zhu Wen was pulled into the real-person escape room game "Paradise" as a player.
His thinking was different from ordinary people, so he did not follow the normal process to decrypt and pass the levels.
Instead, he exploited loopholes in the game rules to get into bugs, and at the same time relied on his super physical ability to use physics. It's convincing and completely unresolved.
The reason why Zhu Wen is eager to pass the level is that he wants to find his missing sister Zhen Zhu and sworn sister Jiang Lan in the game.
Zhu Wen and his friends repeatedly relied on stuck bugs to force the game to pass quickly, and finally entered the "endgame" stage of the game.
At this stage, everyone will be forcibly pulled into the game world, and all actions that occur in the game will have an impact on the real world.
Zhu Wen and others tried their best to find clues to clear the level, and soon they discovered that this was not the first world selected by "Paradise".
Before them, players in countless other worlds had been poisoned by "Paradise", and even the "endgame" The scenes are all the homes of players in the previous round.
After several rounds of games, "Paradise" has become almost indestructible in the process of repeated optimization. It even leaves key clues in places where no one can go in the real world.
Zhu Wen discovered in time that the internal coordinates of the game background corresponded to the coordinates of the real world, and successfully calculated the location of the key location - the core of the game.
So Zhu Wen cooperated with his friends and the real-world strategy team to consume a lot of game energy and narrowly defeated the game in a death battle.
"Paradise" enters initialization, and the player pops up the game and returns to the real world; Zhu Wen finally finds Zhen Zhu and Jiang Lan, and lives a wonderful life (claiming to himself) that can make the game angry to death.

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3 months ago

add the chapters

3 months ago

admin can y add Emperor With an Inconceivable Heart n Conqueror of modern martial arts Kang Haejin n Reincarnation Path of The Underworld King n The Villainous Moriarty in Me n i have 90 billions licking gold coins n Killer Peter n The Strongest Assassin Gets Transferred to Another World With His Whole Class

Miguel Yuan
3 months ago

thank chapter update update upload chapter

Admin pls add 掠夺无数天赋,我在全民时代封神

Admin pls add 我有九千万亿舔狗金

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update this one please it has been such a long time since it has stopped updating

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Admin please add 极天之主

3 months ago

What a long ass summary ..
They should just write it as trash plot with game genre manhua & thats it.

3 months ago

I don’t like this Manga one I see that wowen

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admin please add manhua

martial master


1 month ago

There is another manhua like decryption game but the twist is that “whole countries futer relies on how player performs in the game full of mysteries and rules, while mc brings the only player in the world with ability to ignore or break rules without punishment also the only hope for rise of dragon kingdom.” Well the problem here is that I remember the plot and I am pretty sure that I read the manhua in this site only but forgot the name if brother or admin knowns the name of this manhua or can find it please let me known.I Will be thankful for the help

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1 month ago

SSS-rank invincible war god

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Admin plss add: The Only New Game+ Hardcore Gamer ~I’m so Overpowered, I Shattered the Game’s Balance~

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