A Plot War in the Mary Sue World

A Plot War in the Mary Sue World

Alternative Title: ๆˆ‘ไธŽ็Ž›ไธฝ่‹ๅฅณไธปๆŠข็”ทๅ‹
Type: Manhua


As long as you're rich, you can act perfectly in every Mary Sue story! He Gu was a tour actor in a VR game.
Experienced as he was, He Gu still got defeated in the game!
What was worse was that the disruptor was haunting him?
Let the battle begin then!
Mary Sue VS Anti-sue, schemes VS anti-schemes, Egocentrism VS Egotism, a battle between two men!

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2 months ago

This comic is completed and have 186 chapters in total …
Please post the rest chapters as well .

2 months ago

A little confusing but itโ€™s very interesting. Itโ€™s fast paced as well. There are about 4-5 arcs and each are extremely shallow. The concept and plot is very unique. The MC personality is a money grubber and he works at a VR company for customers dreams/hopes. The ML is trapped in the VR and is in a coma irl. (Not really a spoiler because they talk about this the first few chapters.) A lot of the issues would be resolved easily if the MC understood the mission but for some reason is never told until the end- ish. I recommend! Itโ€™s not cringey or non-consensual. Itโ€™s low key good.